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Privacy Policy

Privacy of users is the most concerning factor on this website The Penguin Coders.I am too a web geek and therefore respect the need of having one's privacy on this World Wide Web network or the Internet.The use of this website does not affect or violate your privacy rights.However,there are some places ad points where we need some information from your side.

And that's precisely why I have included the following points,which discloses the information gathering from you,by this website.Be pleased to know that we never disclose or sell your information to third parties for whatsoever the reason be.

Log Files

You are required to know that most of the websites on the Internet use cookies to track visitors.As with more other websites,we collect and use the data stored in log files.The information in your log files include your IP(Internet Protocol) address,your ISP(Internet Service Provider),the browser you use(Example- Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.),your Operating System(Windows, Linux, MacOS),the time you visit the site and the pages you visited on this website.

Cookies and Web Beacons

We do use cookies to store information,such as your personal preferences when you visit our website.This could include showing you a popup based on your previous visits,or the ability to use features available in our site such as Website forums.

We also use third party advertisements on this website to support the running costs of this website.Some of these advertisers may use cookies and web beacons,which will also send your information like IP Address,your ISP(Internet Service Provider),the browser you use(Example- Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.),your Operating System(Windows, Linux, MacOS) and maybe information regarding the plugins installed in your browser(Ex-Flash Player), to those advertisers.This information is generally used to show ads based on your geographical location or showing ads based on specific sites you visit frequently.

If you don't want these type of information to be collected from you,then you can also choose to disable or selectively turn off your cookies or third party cookies in your browser settings.However,disabling your cookies may lead you to inability to login into any account which use cookies(Gmail,Facebook,etc.) and so your entire browsing habits will change.Thus it is recommended to keep on these cookies.

Email Address

When you make a comment or contact me or Subscribe to our Newsletter,your email address is required.Please be assured that your email address will only be used for contacting you and will never be made publically available.We will never sell your email addresses to any third party,ever.

Comments Policy

The author of the post will not be responsible for the comments he did not make on the blog.While comments are welcome by all,we reserve the right to remove any comment that is not deemed suitable for its publication on the blog.This could include but is not limited to objectionable and abusive comments.Hate,racist comments,or any other form of prejudice will be removed,and the publisher of the comment may be further banned from this website.


Every possible effort has been made not to infringment copyrights based on multimedia contents like pictures and content matter,but if you ever find any copyright violation from our side,please take an effort to contact us through our Contact Us page,and we will happily regret it if found guilty.

For any assistance mail me at mohit@penguincoders.net