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About Us

This seems to be the most boring stuff on my website (for geeks and coders). No one cares about who we are.Everybody just visits the website and read their code and then log out.


Good question.I too ask myself many times this question.But I know I am Mohit Singh and the website on your screen is mine.
I am the self proclaimed Chief Executive Officer of this website and the only staff here.

Mohit Singh

Some Facts about this stupid guy-

1. I love coding and write codes myself but I really don't love writing the description part of the programs.It seems if I am working twice -in my head and on my keyboard.

2. I think how nice would be if I knew many programming languages but unfortunately I know only JAVA, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Batch Programming and a little knowledge of PHP.

3. I am not so social and love to be alone left with my laptop and a handful of DIY books.My favourite magazine is Digit.

4. I think my computer is angry with me as I don't allow it to take some rest.Its always on and particularly during my vacations I try so many new things on it that it takes it rest on its own by being ruined and I feel extreme satisfaction when I get to know about the problem and correct it on my own.

5. I and my website support open source movement and I therefore use Ubuntu on my PC and all open source softwares. I recommend you too be open source.

6. I started this blog as a fun but seriously I want to deliver quality rich content and be a serious professional blogger.

So that's all about me and if you read the last point and want me to achieve my goal then please suggest me with any program you want me to write for you, and in any of the above specified languages.

Important Note -

To support us and get amazing codes and tips join me as a friend in your Google+ circles. Also please follow the website on Twitter @Penguin Coders

I would highly appreciate and honour your support towards us.


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